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Pick one of the three starting dates and start your journey in the early, middle or late medieval period and deal with vastly different scenarios. The tensions between Christian states and Baltic and Finnish pagans or the crusades. Each starting date will alter the factions on the enormous map: their starting location, number of provinces and the overall geopolitical situation. No matter when you'll start you'll have to fight your way to power through word and sword.

Allow yourself to get immersed in this faithfully represented and historically accurate medieval world. With a beautiful stylized user interface and greatly designed characters and units, you can truly feel the medieval atmosphere of the game.

Grand Strategy

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign includes all aspects of a grand strategy game and executes them perfectly. Manage your kingdom and lead it to prosperity. Increase your prestige and unlock new technologies and traditions that will grant you powerful bonuses. Build and develop cities, towns and villages to further increase your realm's prosperity. Listen to your people and beware of their opinion of you. An unhappy populace tends to be problematic in many different ways. Incite the wrath of your subjects and you might need to take care of a revolt.

Send diplomats to other kingdoms to try your hand at diplomacy. Building relations is a challenge in itself. Maybe you'll need to arrange a strategical marriage or you'll need to slowly find supporters on a foreign court. Once you make some allies you can plan an invasion with them or make a defensive alliance to protect yourself from foreign aggression. You'll need skillful diplomats as much as you'll need soldiers.

Real-Time Strategy

One of the features of Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a combination of both the strategic aspect of Grand Strategy empire management and RTS combat. Once the two armies collide you'll be able to manage them yourself and employ clever tactics to outsmart and beat your enemies. This feature makes the gameplay diverse and more intense in comparison to other Grand Strategy games.

Key Features

  • Become a king and see your kingdom prosper
  • Enjoy faithfully recreated medieval Europe
  • Engage in diplomacy and espionage, make alliances and coalitions
  • Wage war and command your troops in RTS combat
  • Conquer Europe with your friends in robust multiplayer
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