Humankind is a famous turn-based strategy title made by Amplitude Studios (also known as the magnum opus of this studio) and released by the famous SEGA in April 2021. In this exciting game, you manage your hand-made civilization and guide it through the centuries of history, from antiquity to modern times, so with these mechanics, it's more or less a game like Civilization by Sid Meier.


In Humankind game, you are in full control of the story! Create your own civilization drawing from as many as 60 different cultures and lead it through years of development. Build cities, conquer new lands, mine resources, push forward technological progress and take part in conflicts in the fight deciding who is the leader here.


You can start the game by selecting the culture that you think is most useful at the beginning. Some of them are good at fast learning, others are excellent at fighting or cultural development. Later during the game, you can change your chosen culture, mix them all to squeeze one hundred percent of the potentialities out of your civilization and beat your opponents in both economic, cultural and military progress.

You will also mine resources, as long as the technology you have discovered allows you to do so. It is important to keep the balance between conquering territories and the progress of your own civilization in such a way that your people are ready for further discoveries and battles. An important factor will also be choosing a location where you will build your capital and other cities, because access to water, forest or resources will obviously put you in a better position right away. It is also worth remembering that cities built on highlands have a strategic advantage over the enemy also because of possible attacks and the need to defend themselves.

In this historical strategy game, the fights take place in turn-based mode and can be played automatically or manually. You can decide on the position of your units, you can place archers on the heights so that opponents have more difficult access to them, you can hide the remaining units or simply collect the entire army and attack the enemy with all the power you have - the possibilities here are basically unlimited and depending on the chosen strategy, you can count on various bonuses.

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