Crime Girl Steam Key GLOBAL


Crime Girl has one dream: to own every emerald in the world, by hook or by crook. Help her make her dreams come true by raiding the abandoned towers of London, now full of ghosts and emeralds!

The towers are tall and have been warped by spectral energy, but Crime Girl has come prepared: a grappling gun will help her overcome any obstacle.

Every tower you enter will have a unique layout with different challenges each time you play. Navigate moving platforms, jump through portals, and bounce on springs - always moving upwards.

However, watch out for hostile ghosts who will try to stop you stealing their emeralds. You'll have to avoid, lightning, fireballs, icicles, and even rocks!

Featuring four additional game modes:

  - Hard mode, with more enemies but also more emeralds.
  - Infinite mode, to see how high you can get.
  - Arena mode, where you're locked in a room with endless waves of enemies.
  - Fixed mode, with a pre-determined layout, designed for speed runners.

Every run will reward you with emeralds and increase your rank. Unlock achievements over time and get some fancy new outfits for Crime Girl!

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