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Mindustry is an economic strategy game with base defense elements created by AnukenDev studio. Take control of your factory and ensure efficient and stable transport of raw materials, as well as the safety of your factory


During an adventure in Mindustry, you take control of an industrial complex. Your goal is to create an efficient industrial and defense network with various types of machines at your disposal that allow you to create a proper functioning factory that is well-defended from the enemies.

Create a stable and appropriate relay system that will transport raw materials to the production blocks. Make sure that you provide your towers with enough ammunition to resist the opposition. Use drones to increase further the proficiency of your factory and, when in need, use them to defend your factory. Combine different types of towers and be prepared for something that is yet to come. Develop new strategies with more than 120 technologies to discover.

Game Modes

If campaign mode isn’t enough for you, there are several types of game modes, that you can try:

  1. Survival – create a properly functioning system and build towers to defend your factory from enemies.
  2. Attack – defeat your enemy by creating both support and offense units to destroy your enemy's core while defending your base from your opponent.
  3. PvP – Mindustry multiplayer game mode allows you to play from up to 4 teams. Compete with others and destroy your enemies' core. Combine different strategies and lead your factory to victory.
  4. Sandbox – try various tactics, strategies, and mechanics in sandbox mode without enemies to disturb you.


Mindustry video game received very positive reviews from the players, who mostly value its similarity to Factorio and Creeper World. Cool pixel art graphics and increasing levels of difficulty are also worth mentioning.

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