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Azuran Tales: Trials presents a magical story in a game that blends platformers with the best RPG elements. Explore the vibrant world of Azuran, discovering its multiple environments, encountering various challenges and merciless enemies to overcome.

Back to the old-school

Azuran Tales: Trials offers a characteristic old-school platformer gameplay that will appeal to everyone who loves classic RPGs. Expect cool combat, challenging levels to complete, and brutal enemies to defeat. The beautiful handcrafted maps will show you locations that seem pure and enchanting at first, but they hide evil lurking everywhere.

Multiple monsters, various traps, and unique Bosses—all of them wait to be discovered and confronted by your mighty protagonist. The game’s story has a linear structure as a comeback to the roots. Wander around the world exploring its every corner. Run, hide, jump, and search for collectible items.

Gather and upgrade your gear to increase your protagonist’s power. Vanquish your foes with unique of weaponry. Remember about developing your character as well. Depending on the choices you make throughout the game, the progression of your character is going to take various paths.

Diverse missions

Azuran Tales: Trials features 15 handcrafted levels taking place in vibrantly designed, diverse surroundings. From dungeons of ancient castles, through treacherous caves, ending on city landscapes—travelling through each region brings you closer to your ultimate goal—stopping the evil entity Magrath from taking over Azuran.

Each region also tasks you with facing a unique deadly boss. The whole story begins when your character—a valiant Battle Cleric—is sent by Drukandra, the God of Dead and the Ruler of the Underworld, to recover 5 missing pieces from the Amulet of Valur. The powerful ancient artifact seems to be the only way to defeat Magrath.

Granting you his blessing, Drukandra sends you on a perilous quest to hunt an entity shrouded in mystery, craving immeasurable power, and wishing to claim Azuran as his own. Find the hidden pieces of the Amulet of Valur and bring this threat down. Prepare, however, for a difficult journey, as deadly traps and vicious enemies will be waiting for you. Make the best use of your skills and wit to outfox your enemy.

Key features:

  • Complex storyline, providing a base for 15 diverse, handcrafted levels
  • Old-school structure of the game
  • Explore different environments, including dark dungeons, treacherous caves, densely packed cities, and more
  • Develop your character through the choices you’ll make during the game
  • Encounter horrifying monsters, overcome various traps, and carve your way to awesome boss fights
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