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Total War: Rome Remastered is a real-time grand strategy video game produced by Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive and released thanks to SEGA in 2021 for PC. The title is a polished, remastered edition of the game from 2004 and includes updated mechanics, graphics, and all available DLCs.


Lead one of the most powerful factions and conquer the Roman Empire. Your judgment and strategic sense will earn you the title of Emperor! Command the mightiest armies, witness the most crucial historical battles, fight, conquer and become victorious.

What is included in Total War: Rome Remastered?

This edition of the game will provide you a complete 4X gaming experience where you will prove yourself as the fearless commander of the greatest faction. The edition includes:

  • Total War: Rome Remastered video game
  • Rome Total War - the original version of the game from 2004
  • Barbarian Invasion DLC
  • Alexander DLC

Total War: Rome Gameplay

See the gameplay of Total War: Rome grand strategy in a completely new, graphically refreshed version! Rotate the camera to observe the development of events from any point of view. Discover the polished visuals in the highest 4K resolution. Be amazed by weather changes and realistic dust animations. Explore a new aesthetic experience that will allow you to play the greatest historical battles in the highest quality.

Play in turn-based and RTS mode. Explore maps, manage your lands and control the flow of finances. Develop cities and engage in the world of politics. This empire is entirely yours! Increase your influence and conquer unknown lands. Send out scouts and conduct sieges. And most of all - take part in the largest historical battles from the golden times of the great Roman Empire.

Become the most effective tactician to lead your army towards a certain victory. Select units, learn about their strengths or weaknesses, and decide on their location on the map. Use the terrain to your advantage. Plan surprise attacks or charge your opponent in a blazing fury. There are no bad strategies here, only the ones you haven't tried yet!


Total War: Rome game collects positive reviews on Steam. Players enjoy the faithful performance of the mechanical improvements known from the original version of the title. The gameplay is significantly enhanced by flawless graphics and refined details that allow you to relive your heroic strategic adventure.

Key features

  • Buy a polished and improved adaptation of the 2004 classic
  • Get access to the base game, the original game, and two DLCs
  • Discover the new possibilities of rotating the map in the highest 4K graphical resolution
  • Choose from 38 playable factions and lead them to victory
  • Play a game that combines turn-based mode with real-time strategy
  • Play the campaign solo or compete with other players in multiplayer for PC users
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