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Sengoku Jidai

Japan faces a huge social upheaval, political intrigue and near-constant military conflict. Who has the proper wit and bravery to become the one and only Shogun and bring back peace and harmony to the impoverished lands? Ten legendary clans may have appetites for it, however the throne waits only for the one of them. Step in the role and control one of the Daimyo, the clan leader and use your military forces, economics and diplomacy to go up against the rest of ambitious clans, as well as dozens of other influential families. Will you be the one to re-unite the country and win the hearts of Japanese people?

More realistic than ever before

Virtual battle veterans will for sure enjoy the new Al system – one of the main Total War: Shogun 2 features. Inspired by the millennia old Chinese “Art of War” by Sun Tzu, the game redefines the battle model we knew before, creating a battlefield that has never been more demanding and realistic. The map can simultaneously feature up to dozens of thousands of units, each having its own characteristic features, predestining them to various types of clashes. Don’t marginalize also the weather, which has its important influence on the battles’ courses. Explore the multi-stage sieges with their wide range of new possibilities and become the ruler of the sea, using its features to tip the scales on your side. On the other hand you can expect a developed graphic engine, which stands behind the awesomeness of the depicted world. Realistic waves smashing at the shore or the shifting nature, enchanting with its vibrant landscapes will appeal even to the most indifferent hearts.

Invite your friends

Play the main campaign solo or invite a friend. Challenge yourself against or join forces and fight with the Al armies. Try your luck in the classic multiplayer, designed for 8 players simultaneously. Remember to create your own virtual alter ego. The general created by you will be more than just an avatar, playing an important role while the game progresses. You earn experience points, which can be used to develop his skills and abilities. Move up the ranks, earning recognition in the virtual world.

Key features:

  • Experience realistic, full 3D, real-time battles, leading your Samurai army and imperial fleet
  • Expect the unexpected with the new AI, providing a fierce rivalry between the feuding clans
  • Go online, playing the campaign with your friend or becoming one of the eight players that join legendary battles
  • Enjoy the new, multi-stage siege system, as well as explore new RPG skills and experience for your generals and agents.
  • Fantastic mechanics: Developed by Creative Assembly, Total War: Shogun 2 gameplay draws from the best features of the previous titles.
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