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Honey, I Joined a Cult is a comedy cultist simulator produced by Sole Survivor Games and released thanks to Team 17 in 2021. If you've ever felt the call to manage a flock of worshipers, in this funny simulation your dreams will come true!


Welcome to the '70s! It is a time of crucial historical breakthroughs, good music, and searching for life meaning in the strangest religions of the world. Become the one who makes good use of this situation and create a one-of-a-kind cult. If the offer is attractive enough, the followers will start coming to you like bees to honey.

Honey, I Joined a Cult Gameplay

Create your leader and decide what kind of cult you would like to lead the most. Your spiritual guide can represent anything and request whatever his holy soul desires. Build and expand your base and make sure the members do not run out of anything.

In addition to base building and decorating interiors in all sorts of bizarre ways, you will also need to develop a sense of management. To keep your followers in line, it's worth keeping them busy. Give everyone appropriate tasks, make them responsible for their duties, plan food rations, and of course - worship sessions for your imaginary god.

Design a place with an atmosphere unlike any other. Take care of the followers - the more new sheep in the herd, the more money in the account. Lack of financial resources may lead to bankruptcy of the entire project. Don't give up and continue your crazy mission!

Honey I Joined a Cult video game collects very positive reviews on Steam. Players love the absurd theme of the cult game and review it as incredibly addictive gameplay. 

Key features

  • Create your dream cult
  • Build a cult center and adorn it with the weirdest accessories
  • Follow the leader's orders and take care of the followers
  • Take charge of managing the entire temple and assign duties
  • Make sure everything goes like clockwork and earn money
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