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Spore is a unique life simulation game created by EA Maxis. On the starting levels of the game, the player takes control over a single-celled organism which has two main goals: survive and evolve. However, it won't be that easy; as they say: 'there is always a bigger fish' so you must be careful! Look for food and do your best not to become one for others. If you have what it takes to survive in this hostile environment, your creature will evolve which will allow it to leave the water and explore the world, encounter many other bizarre creatures and create your own pack! Maybe one day your protégée will be intelligent enough to reach the stars?

Unique gameplay mechanics – survival of the fittest!

The gameplay in Spore divides into five completely different stages; the first one is the Cell Stage: player creates (and names) simple, a single-celled organism which in time, will become more and more advanced. During the gameplay, the player may find new body parts and customize his creation adding new elements like various types of spikes, mouths, tentacles, etc. Finding food (or eating weaker and smaller organisms) will give the player DNA points which may be used during customization and after reaching a certain level, will allow your species to evolve and leave the ocean and explore the world on the surface.

That brings us to the second stage of the game which is Creature Stage; now, since your creature has lower limbs the gameplay changes significantly. Now you may control your species with the camera situated behind its back.  A wide range of new weird, funny and sometimes scary body parts, like upper limbs, claws, tails, wings, etc. allows you to customize your creature freely. Players can use various abilities provided by specific body parts to socialize or attack other inhabitants of the planet. Again, after gathering the appropriate amount of DNA Points, our species will evolve.

The third stage is the Tribe Stage – the game now starts to look like a strategy and brings titles like Populous to mind. Our creature is now intelligent enough to establish its own tribe and simple village. Players' tribe can grow stronger and use brutal force to dominate others or use a more diplomatic approach.

The next stage of evolution is the Civilization Stage. As the name suggests we are now in control of intellectually advanced creatures that are able to build whole cities, vehicles, make alliances and start wars. After creating a whole civilization, our creatures are now ready to build a spacecraft and start the conquest of the galaxy in the Galaxy Stage.

Key Features

  • Create your own species – nearly unrestricted ways of customization will allow you to decide what your creature will look like, the way it feeds and moves!
  • Socialize or eat others – play the game exactly the way you want to! Make friends and foes among other inhabitants of your planet.
  • Explore the world – Every planet and creature is unique and has its individual qualities.
  • Evolve! – From single-celled organisms to intergalactic, incredibly advanced species!
  • Survive! – Getting to the last stage of evolution dons not make you untouchable! Don't let other advanced species to conquer your planets!
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