Samhain World (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL


sahmain is the world where steel and elixirs try to change fate. 
Every great person started from small things.
The great warrior began with the forging of the sword, the magician from cooking beverages.
And me... 
I start my adventure in the village. 
I do not know what I'm doing here, but everybody knows me.
I do not have weapons, I have to find something. 
And tax collector. I have to get a sword or wand. Then get rid of the thugs and run to the castle. 
Maybe the captain I will explain everything. 
I feel that I will have a long mission. 
On the crown of the king, who I chose this hairstyle? 
Limbs probably also I have changed. I have a head ache. 
Where's my horse? 
I heard that General found a dragon egg, and he has a new pet. 
But where he found the dragon? And how he killed him? 
A beautiful woman stands with a deer, maybe she knows how to get out? 
These are the days that a woman I have to ask for directions.

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