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Planetary Annihilation TITANS is a real-time strategy game developed by Uber Entertainment and published by Planetary Annihilation Inc. It’s an updated version and a standalone expansion of the original game, funded entirely through crowdfunding at Kickstarter. In PA:T, the player takes control of a galactic army, conquering solar systems using specialized weapons and powerful mechs, called Titans. The expansion adds 21 new units and new, multi-layered planets to conquer. The game received solid reviews from the critics.

Expanded gameplay

The player assumes the role of the commander of a galactic army. The player leads their units in the conquest of the galaxy, comprised of solar system moons and asteroids. After landing on a new world, the player may proceed to establish their base of operations, creating buildings and units. The game includes over a hundred usable units divided into several categories, including aircraft and orbital units, as well as fabricator units, useful when building new structures. TITANS expansion adds 21 new units to the already robust roster of ground, naval and aerial vehicles.;

The TITANS are here

The main attraction of PA:T are the titular TITAN units. These hulking machines are way more powerful than the ordinary units at the player's disposal. 

There are five TITAN units available in the game: 

  • Atlas is the most powerful of the ground units, possessing enormous amounts of health and damage points;
  • Ares unit is slow, but makes up for it with HP and range of fire; 
  • Helios is the only orbital, excellent at decimating enemies with its range and rate of fire; 
  • Zeus, an aerial unit, deals a lot of damage at a fast rate, despite having the least HP; 
  • and the Ragnarok, the stationary TITAN unit, capable of drilling into the planet and damaging its core, bringing certain doom to everything on the surface.

The story of galactic conquest

In PA TITANS, the player becomes the leader of an army of space conquerors. Lead by their charismatic commander, these forces travel across the galaxy conquering solar system after solar system. Some yield easily, some need a little persuasion. The player’s job is to see to the expansion of your empire and complete annihilation of the opposing forces.


Planetary Annihilation TITANS received solid reviews from game critics and players alike. Reviews praised the game’s improvements over the Kickstarter-funded version, dealing with a lot of minor problems and bugs. The players enjoyed the new playable units and the multi-layered worlds they could explore and harvest.  

Key features:

  • A standalone expansion pack to the original Planetary Annihilation, TITANS bring new exciting features to the core mechanics
  • Enjoy hours of gameplay, conquering solar systems with your mechanical armies
  • Use powerful TITAN units to decimate your enemies and destroy entire planets
  • Discover new, multi-layered worlds filled with precious resources
  • Play solo in single-player or take on your friends in one of the multiplayer modes 
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