Jurassic City Walk Steam Key GLOBAL


Dive into a new mind-blowing dino adventure! It takes place not in the Jurassic jungles, but in the very center of a huge Megapolis. A dinosaur is in rage and you're free to help him let his anger out!

Angry dinosaur in the city is like a bull in the china shop - you might have already guessed what this game is about!

Control your dinosaur and try to destroy everything! Bridges, cars, and skyscrapers, the monster will crash it all! The more destruction you bring, the more points you get and the sooner you become the greatest destroyer! Complete all missions, leaving no stone unturned in the city.

But dangers lurk even the mightiest creature. The army tries to defend the city with the help of weapon and military hardware. So, beware of bullets and tanks.

Are you ready? Dinosaur adventure in the huge megapolis starts!

Control crazy furious dinosaurs, crushing everything on their way;
Wild predator with sharp teeth - seems like it'll jump out of a screen;
Lots of destructive missions and fights with the military defenders;
Jurassic park right among modern skyscrapers of the Megapolis.

Show people your prehistoric might and rage. Leave the city in ruins!

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