Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gold Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL


Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gold Edition is a 2010 turn-based 4X strategy video game with all new content for fans of this legendary series from Firaxis Games. Find the ultimate essence of the best in your favorite strategy game - and more in this unique expansion pack. Sid Meier's Civilization® V: Gold Edition is Now Available on Steam! The Gold Edition contains Civilization V, Civilization V: Gods & Kings, and all of the Civilization V DLC in one bundle!


Lead one of the greatest nations to guide it through centuries of development and gain absolute domination on the world map. This groundbreaking title offers endless thrilling activities like waging wars, discovering new technologies, conquering territories, and risky diplomacy. And to further boost your epic experience, Civilization V: Gold Edition comes with Civilization V: Gods & Kings DLC and the six civilizations of Denmark, Korea, Polynesia, Babylon, Inca, and Spain. This exclusive edition includes new map packs and even more surprising content for your epic strategic gameplay joy.

Key features:

  • Get Civilization 5 with extra content for your strategic adventure
  • Play the fantastic God & Kings expansion pack
  • Manage six additional civilizations
  • Discover new maps and gameplay possibilities
  • Have unforgettable fun with one of the best installments in the series from Firaxis
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