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Surviving Mars is an economic, sci-fi strategy game developed by Heamimont Games, the studio known for titles like Tropico 5. This time, the developers will take the player to space, giving the opportunity to create first, the fully operational human colony on the harsh surface of the Red Planet. Build futuristic domes and infrastructure, conduct complex research in order to enhance the quality of life of your people, expand your settlements and make Mars safe and welcoming. There is much work waiting for you so better start now!

Addictive and complex gameplay mechanics

Our goal is to create a fully operational, safe and comfortable space colony. The first step towards your goal is choosing a space agency that will provide you with the necessary materials and will fund your complex project. Location is the key if it comes to starting a space colony and that is exactly what you should do next – find the place that will suit your preferences.

Now you will have to send your unmanned vessels on Mars in order to build some basic infrastructure, just to allow the arrival of your first colonists. It is worth to mention, that the choice of the sponsor is crucial, especially when starting a colony – for example, it will determine the number of spacecraft you will get in the beginning.

Sponsors have a huge impact on the difficulty level. In order to bring the first people on Mars, you will have to take care of essentials elements such as the source of energy, fresh water, and other life support systems. If you will be able to build a well-thought, comfortable and of course safe colony, it will become a new home for hundreds of unique inhabitants with a set of individual traits. Every person has four needs that you will have to care about in order to make them happy – physical state, mental health, morale, and comfort.

The unfriendly environment has a negative impact on the colonists’ health while stress factors will influence their mental health that can eventually lead to a mental breakdown. Don’t forget about taking good care of the morale of your colonists – if the morale level drops too low, people will be less willing to work in the colony and they will leave. It is worth mentioning that the game supports mods! You can browse hundreds of modifications created by other players or make your own and share them with the community.


Surviving Mars managed to satisfy most of the players and gathered thousands of players. According to the Steam platform, over 80% of the players’ reviews are positive which is a very good score. If you’re a fan of economic, strategy games and you are looking for complex gameplay mechanics, beautiful graphics and challenging survival elements, this is the game you were looking for!

Key features:

Surviving Mars: First Colony will often be very harsh for you – it’s not just another relaxing city-builder and ‘Surviving’ in its name will speak for itself!

  • An innovative approach to ‘city-building’.
  • Complex gameplay mechanics - even your slightest mistake or bad decision can take its toll.
  • Find the most prosperous localization and build a futuristic space colony under a huge dome!
  • Take care of your colonists! Do your best to make them happy or they will leave!
  • Full mods support! Add custom elements created by other players or create and share mods created by you! Imagination is your only limit.
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