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Flip your ship’s polarity between three different colors to get around obstacles. Each maneuver that you perform, such as flapping like a bird, or tumbling like a baton, changes its color. Match the ship's color with a shape's to pass through it, hit an obstacle as the wrong color and fail. The pace is unrelenting and, in a blink, the challenge resets without penalty. Flywrench is accompanied by an epic electronic music soundtrack curated by Daedelus.

Key features:

  • Single-Player Campaign - Play through over 170 levels as you ride the carrier wave from the outskirts of the solar system into the sun.
  • Music - Featuring tracks by Daedelus, Dntel, Goodnight Cody, Knife City, Kuh Lida, Machinedrum, Baths, Reso, Danny Scrilla + Om Unit, Syndakit, Spazzkid, and Sweatson Klank.
  • Level editor - Make your own level packs to share with your friends, and the rest of the Steam Community using the same tool as the developers.
  • Time Trial - Are you the fastest at your own level? Compete with friends and globally over top scores for level packs.
  • Themes - Change up the look of the entire game with a variety of built-in color themes.
  • Achievements - Unlock 47 challenging achievements through the Flywrench universe and beyond!
  • Full Controller Support - Relax in Big Picture Mode or play normally with a gamepad or keyboard.
  • Steam Cloud - Play on a different computer and keep all your saves and editor files
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