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We always explore dungeons in games, defeating hundreds of more or less dangerous enemies, finding hundreds of more or less legendary treasures, and getting excited by hundreds of more or less amazing adventures. What if we could finally stand on the other side, build our own dungeon, fill it with traps, and recruit monsters?

Dungeons 3 Complete Edition Gameplay

The Dungeons series is the spiritual heir to Dungeons Keeper (including Dungeon Keeper 3: War for the Overworld, canceled in 2015). As in the previous parts, also here we are dealing with an all-knowing and funny narrator who guides us through the humorous gameplay. The game is full of references to the real world, show business, other productions, and famous characters. Irony and sarcasm poured out of the screen, not letting one moment of boredom.

In the game, we again play the role of the ruler of the underworld. This time, however, it turns out that the likes of the dungeon themselves are not enough, and our empire will continue expansion. However, we will need new allies to conquer the surface; the choice falls on a dark elf named Thayla, who will lead our armies into battle.

Dungeons 3 is an interesting hybrid of economic strategy and RTS. As Commander-in-Chief, it's on our minds to make things run well, from feeding the army to fighting tactics. The places for our units will also be indispensable.

And we have a lot to choose from in these great dungeons simulation! Not only popular zombies, but also demons, nagas, and skeletons - in a word, a whole gallery of monstrous curiosities. An interesting idea is also the appearance of places such as a torture chamber, where we can "convince" captured prisoners to our arguments.

The visual setting allows you to perfectly feel the ironic and dark setting of the game. The maps are drawn with the appropriate attention to detail, while the special effects should satisfy everyone. I also like the slightly comic and exaggerated way of presenting characters.

Great entertainment

The single-player campaign runs for approximately 13-18 hours, depending on your skill level. We can also play in a great free game mode, where we do not have any tasks imposed in advance. Moreover, for the first time in the series, a multiplayer mode has appeared; if we want to compete, we can do it in a group of four, while the cooperation mode has been provided for two players.

Dungeons 3 Complete Edition will keep you entertained for hours. In addition to the full base game, we can also enjoy the warmly welcomed expansions that add hours to the game, such as: Once Upon A Time, Evil of The Caribbean, Lord of The Kings, and many more. Most of these additions give us huge new possibilities, for example, new maps or specially designed, demanding bosses.

Players have no doubts that Dungeons 3 is the best installment in the series and this is reflected in numerous reviews. The original gameplay idea has been fully used and each player should turn on Dungeons 3 for at least a moment to get carried away by the adventure.

Key features:

  • Villain protagonist with strong character and superpower ambitions
  • Ironic and sarcastic way of running the plot
  • Possibility to prove himself as "the bad one"
  • Distinguishing features of a good strategy - Provide your huge army with good facilities and reliable tactics
  • Play in multiple modes - alone or with friends

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