Meet your favorite Final Fantasy characters

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT features a cast of protagonists and antagonists who appeared throughout the whole Final Fantasy franchise. Choose from a wide array of over 20 iconic Final Fantasy characters divided into classes which reflect their specializations.

Find the one which suits you best, selecting from assassins, vanguards, marksmen, specialists, or summons. Each of them has his or her own story, personality and, of course, a set of unique traits and skills. Select your character and join the battle!

New combat system

Enjoy a new thoroughly redesigned battle system which still maintains the best elements from the previous titles. Choose your Final Fantasy character and go for the victory in the arena. Square off against opponents in a spectacular three-on-three combat. Take the full control of your protagonist as you watch his or her moves from behind.

Check also the other two controlled by the AI. All the protagonists are characterized by several features, and have their own individual HP or bravery meters. Each of them also knows a wide variety of attacks that can be joined in effective, spectacular combos.

Divided into two categories, the moves can either weaken someone’s bravery or attack their HP. The more bravery you have, the more powerful your attacks will be. Control the stamina and summon meters for the whole team as well, as it may be crucial for the battle’s outcome.

Call on summons, such as Ifrit or Bahamut and send them to attack your enemies or grant passive buffs to your team. Stand against rivals across the world in a multiplayer mode or develop your skills against the AI offline.

Various game modes

Offering a variety of multiplayer modes to test, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT gameplay also focuses on solo players and AI clashes. Experience the storyline by taking part in a series of missions and challenges.

Take part in bonus battles to fight against one of the summons and earn additional points. The more points and money you collect, the better equipment and ammo will become available. Customize your characters by changing their weapons, clothing and gadgets.

The NT version adds also a second type of clashes in the form of Core Battles. Protect your large crystal and attempt to destroy the opponents’ one. If you manage to destroy the crystal first, the victory will be yours!

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