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Distant Worlds 2, a real-time 4X space strategy game, is a second video game in the Distant World series. It was developed by Code Force and published by Slitherine Software in March 2022. The strategy game has received favorable reviews from critics and players and is praised for the new to the series 3D graphics and customizability.

Take the reins over the entire universe!

Explore thousands upon thousands of star systems, planets, asteroids, and moons. Be a leader of the greatest space empire in this truly sci-fi universe. Found a colony, build your ships and expand. Peacefully take over other empires or wage war upon them!

Write your own story

Start by generating your world and enjoy numerous customization options to choose from. In Distant Worlds Universe 2, you can begin with either a vast or small galaxy ready to be conquered. Select your civilization's level of advancement and plan even the smallest detail, such as the layout of star systems or habitats of space monsters.

Develop and prosper

Your main goal is to further and further develop your empire. Take care of the economy and be sure not to run out of crucial resources. Travel to unknown areas of the galaxy and explore them in order to find construction materials and luxurious goods that give unique bonuses to your planets.

Grow your fleet

Everything you find need to be distributed throughout your entire empire. Your fleet is an independent unit that have to be regulated by laws and edicts. Pick them wisely and be ready to defend it as it is an easy target for your enemies.

Choose your approach

While ruling over your powerful empire, you encounter other nations with whom you can establish diplomatic relations. Trade with your neighbors, accept protection treaties with space pirates, and offer diplomatic gifts to independents. Or assimilate everyone by conquest and concentrate your efforts on building military ships, developing powerful weaponry and establishing anti-pirate fighting squads!

Engage in real-time fleet battles

In Distant Worlds 2, you can choose whether to command your ships yourself or to give control to the AI. Strategically position your military units, such as escorts, tankers, frigates, and destroyers, and move them around. Destroy weaker enemy's units, defend your fleet, select a formation and retreat when things get tense.

Key features:

  • Become the leader of the greatest space empire and enjoy a quick, intense game or an epic adventure in a vast galaxy
  • Explore thousands upon thousands of star systems, asteroids, planets and moons, and collect crucial resources
  • Customize even the smallest detail of your game
  • Engage in complex real-time fleet combat and defeat ever more difficult enemies
  • Choose whether you want to peacefully approach other empires or violently conquer everyone standing in your way
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