Super Star Path Steam Key GLOBAL


Classic arcade space shoot'em up meets color match puzzle! Hop into your awesome spaceship, open a path through huge waves of aliens and other hazards, and face intense boss battles! To put it simply, this is classic arcade gaming! Easy to pick up, fast-paced boss fights, polished pixel art visuals and a catching FM synth soundtrack!

Key features:

  • Randomized puzzle levels. 
  • Fast paced shoot'em up boss battles. 
  • Collect gems and buy unique spaceships. 
  • Collect upgrade points to boost your ships' stats. 
  • Replayability: can you get all Green Emeralds? 
  • Boss Rush mode. 
  • 16-bit style pixel art graphics. 
  • Arcade-like FM synth soundtrack. 
  • English voice acting. 
  • Gamepad support (Xbox 360, PS3 and compatibles).
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