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Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an action-platforming Metroidvania-style game, developed by Moon Studios and published by Xbox Live Studios. The game is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest, released in 2015. The game tells the story of Ori, the spirit guardian of the Nibel forest, who embarks on an epic adventure beyond its borders to discover his destiny. The gameplay mechanics remain mostly unchanged and include traversing different locations, jumping on platforms, fighting dangerous enemies and solving environmental puzzles.

Enchanting action-platforming gameplay

The sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest retains almost every aspect of its predecessors’ gameplay mechanics. The player traverses the game’s 2D environments as Ori, a white spirit guardian. Ori can jump on and off the walls, allowing for reaching elevated areas. While traversing the game world, Ori will learn new moves, which will unlock previously inaccessible places on the map. Throughout the gameplay, Ori will encounter various enemies whom he will have to fight. With the removal of Sein orb, combat mechanics have changed slightly. Ori can now fight in close range using an energy sword and fire light arrows at enemies in the distance.

Another feature missing from the previous installment of the series are Soul Link save points – in Will of the Wisps the game is saved automatically, relieving the player of having to redo long sequences. The game includes a system of dialogue choices and side-quests, which the player can complete separately from the main story.

Adventure awaits beyond the Forest

After saving the forest of Nibel, Ori thought that he could return to his job of a spirit guardian. This was not true…A new adventure awaited right around the corner. Leaving the forest behind, Ori embarks on an epic quest. In a completely new environment, filled with new threats and enemies, but also new friends and allies, Ori must discover the truth behind his destiny…  


Ori and the Will of the Wisps received positive reception form the critics. During the 2018 E3 show, the reviewers had a chance to play the short demo of the game and test its new mechanics. The general consensus was that the Wil of the Wisps lived up to the standards set by the Blind Forest. The critics praised the new gameplay mechanics, including fighting, as well as the new saving system. All in all, the Will of the Wisps shaped up to be an excellent continuation of Ori’s story.

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