Speedball 2 HD Steam Key GLOBAL


Speedball 2 HD is a modern reincarnation on the classic, futuristic cyberpunk sports game Speedball, originally developed by the Bitmap Brothers and first released for the Atari ST in 1990. A brutal mix of handball and ice hockey placed at break-neck pace. Now Tower Studios, Vivid Games and The Bitmap Brothers have created a glorious fusion of classic gameplay and modern technology to launch this game into the 21st century.

Key features:

  • HD Graphics in classic Speedball style 
  • 6 brand new Speedball Arenas 
  • Choose from 336 unique players and 28 Teams across 4 Planets 
  • Full Player Transfer Market and Player Upgrade System 
  • Ability to create and customise your own ultimate Speedball team 
  • 5 different Formations allowing strategy changes during play 
  • Score with Goals, Bonus shots and Brutal Knockouts 
  • A host of Steam Badges, Cards and Wallpapers to collect 
  • Over 20 power-ups and special effects 
  • Multiple game modes including 10 Season Career Mode and 10 Single-Player Game Modes 
  • Supports game pad and keyboard controls for 2 players at once 
  • Local multiplayer mode includes customisable tournaments for up to 8 player teams 
  • Plenty of Trophies and Achievements to collect 
  • The World famous “Ice Cream... Ice Cream!!” sample
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