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Wasteland Rampage is a visceral, hardcore Roguelite.

Descend into The Source and engage in brutal melee combat, making the most of your diverse attacks.

Tightly designed and balanced, combat is easy to pick up, and hard to master. Die, learn, and try again.

Play online with your friends or strangers.

Key Features:

  • As you delve deeper into The Source, you'll find new special attacks to augment your moveset. Will your keep your Netherlauncher to quickly juggle foes? Or equip a Hyper Grenade Throw for the pure explosive carnage?

  • You'll also equip unique items all with special effects. Buy the items that supplement your play-style, and combine them for devastating synergies.

  • Play long enough, and you'll learn advanced techniques to swing the fight in your favor. Perfect-Cancel to speed up your attacks, Dash-Guard out of harm's way, and aim your attacks precisely to change attack properties and deal more damage.

  • A variable difficulty meter makes sure you're playing to your limit at all times. If you can avoid getting hit, you'll multiply the souls earned for dispatching foes. Of course, enemies will also become more numerous, and aggressive.

  • Between the arenas, you'll dash and double jump through quick platforming challenges. The faster you are, the better the rewards.

  • Slay monsters together with simple lobby based online co-op.

  • Unlock new classes with different stats.
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