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The game features several playable factions, including the barbaric tribes of Huns and Vandals, among others. Tyrants and Kings Editions provides even more historical funs, with new scenario and factions.

Total War: Attila – Tyrants and Kings Edition

Total War: Attila is a strategy game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. It's the ninth title in the Total War series. TW: A focuses on the period near the end of the 4th century, where the crumbling Roman Empire is divided into two. As the Roman lords try to salvage the remnants of their former glory, a new power arises in the East. The game features mechanics similar to the previous installments of the series, including large scale battles, but adds new features focused on the new barbaric faction. Total War: Attila – Tyrants And Kings Edition adds two new campaign scenarios. The game received positive reviews from the critics.

A game of strategy and wit

The main gameplay focus of the Total War game series is expending the player's area of influence by conquering neighboring regions. TW: Attila is no different. The player can choose from several factions, including Eastern and Western Roman Empires, the Kingdom of Franks, the Hun hordes led by the titular warlord, as well as other heathen tribes that dominated Europe in the late 300s. Each faction possesses different traits and goals that the player must achieve.

A new feature for the series is religious conversion. The conquered lands can be forced to accept the faith of their invaders. Having a unified religion in the area leads to various bonuses and prevents the people from rising against the player's authority.

Another new aspect of the gameplay is the razing of the settlements. After conquering the area, the player can choose to scorch it, limiting the enemy's supplies. The player in charge of a nomadic horde can also raze the settlements they decide to abandon.

The map in Total War: Attila spans the regions from the western Shores of Spain to the grassy plains of Eastern Europe, including such areas as Bactria, Lusitania, Caledonia, and Garamantia.

The last days of the Roman Empire

At the end of the fourth century A.D., the Roman Empire was in shambles. The once-great power was decimated by a series of losses and inner political turmoil. Seeing no other choice, the Roman officials decided to split the Roman lands into the Western and Eastern Empire, hoping to remedy the terrible situation.

Unbeknownst to them, new powers arise in Europe, surrounding the broken empire on all fronts. The hordes of the East and the Germanic tribes of the North grow powerful as the glory of Rome fades into oblivion.

Tyrants and Kings Edition content

Tyrants and Kings Edition includes two DLC packs for TW: Attila. The Age of Charlemagne gives the player a chance to lead the expansion of Charles the Great, the king of Franks, in a brand new campaign scenario. In Viking Forefathers, the roster of playable factions grows with the Northmen tribes of Danes, Geats, and Jutes.


Total War: Attila received many positive opinions from the critics. Reviews praised the game's new mechanics and improvement on the old ones. The critics noted the level of historical accuracy in representing the last days of Rome, as well as the emergence of the barbaric tribes and first kingdoms of medieval Europe.

Key features

  • Enter the Dark Ages of Europe as one of the several factions.
  • Lead the crumbling power of Rome or one of the barbaric hordes.
  • Experience the historical accuracy in the representation of the final days of the Roman Empire.
  • Employ new mechanics such as religious domination and razing to subjugate conquered lands.
  • Tyrants and Kings Edition features new campaign scenarios and more playable factions.
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