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The Red Solstice 2: Survivors is a survival strategy game developed by Ironward. It is the sequel to 2014's The Red Solstice. RS2 continues the plot of the first installment, introduces new gameplay features, and improves on the previously implemented mechanics. The game is set in the year 117 After Earth, when the mutant monsters known as STROL continues to ravage Earth. As the leader of the Cell, a special task force, the player must battle the aggressors, either in single-player or in cooperative online multiplayer. Red Solstice 2: Survivors received generally favorable reviews, in which the critics praised the game's visuals, tactical action gameplay, and the progress made in comparison to the original game.

Strategic gameplay

The gameplay of RS2 blends several genres, including real-time strategies, RPG, and isometric action games. The core gameplay feature of Red Solstice 2 is the exploration of the planet and fighting the mutant invasion of the STROL. The player can use the real-time strategy controls to plan certain actions, setting traps and flanking the oncoming enemy forces. The enemy won't stay idle to the player's actions as the biomass infestation will adapt to their tactics, forcing them to employ different strategies to survive.

Missions are a-go

Red Solstice 2 features three different types of missions. In Exploration, the player traverses the game's map in search of necessary resources. Stealth missions require them to complete objectives without alerting the mutants. Survival tasks pit the player against the overwhelming enemy forces. Each mission requires the player to use different skills and tactics to succeed.

The science of survival

Researching and gathering resources is another important aspect of Red Solstice 2: Survivors. While exploring the planet, the player will gather materials that they can use to research and upgrade new tech that will help them against the mutants. The tech includes powerful weapons - stationary cannons, energy guns, armored suits, etc.

The band of survivors

Red Solstice 2 features six unique classes, each equally necessary on the battlefield. These are Assault, Heavy Support, Demolition, Marksman, Medic, and Recon. Each class has different skills, which provide an additional advantage and new strategic solutions. Thanks to the implemented cooperative multiplayer mode, the player can share responsibilities controlling each class and working together.

Story Summary

It is the year 117 After Earth. The spread of mutant virus STROL continues. The remaining pockets of humanity put their trust in the Cell, a specialized task force with only one goal - eradicating the mutants from the face of the planet. But as the mutant biomass continues to spread, the Cell's task will require new strategies and tactical approaches to defeat the STROL and find the cure for the mutant virus.


Red Solstice 2: Survivors was met with a mostly positive critical reception. The reviewers noted improvements over the previous installments, as well as the game's visual side. Despite a few issues about the difficulty and bugs being raised, the consensus was that RS2 could be enjoyed by the players who like the titles that blend action and strategy.

Key features

  • The mutant virus continues to ravage the planet - time to put an end to it!
  • Lead the tasks force to fight against the mutants and reclaim the Earth for humanity.
  • Use the skills of each character class to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.
  • Research new tech to overwhelm the mutants.
  • Participate in three types of missions, either solo or co-op multiplayer.
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