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Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a first-person shooter action game developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda. It is a spin-off sequel to The New Colossus and the 12th overall installment in the Wolfenstein series. Youngblood features a new set of main characters – twins Jessie “Jes” and Zofia “Soph” Blazkowicz, daughters of B.J. Blazkowicz, the protagonist of the series. The game is set 20 years after the events of The New Colossus, in the Nazi-occupied Paris. Youngblood features the fast-paced gameplay style of the previous installments, as well as several new mechanics, including two-player co-op campaign and special character skills.

The old Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood is a sequel to the reimagined Wolfenstein series and features many of the gameplay mechanics the series’ reboot has become known for. The core of it is still based around fast-paced FPS action and taking down waves of enemies in both closed and open spaces. Both Jess and Soph are equipped with Da’at Yichud power armors, which give them greater protection and strength and allow performing longer and higher jumps, a skill that will come in handy when swarmed by an army of Nazi soldiers. Youngblood features a co-op multiplayer option, where two players progress through campaign mode as either of the twins.

Weapons of Nazi destruction

The player is given a selection of weapons to fend off oncoming adversaries. These retro-futuristic guns range from rifles, machine guns and shotguns to diesel-powered grenade launchers and laser cannons.

The Terror Twins

Unlike their one-man-army father, Sophia and Jessie, while both are skilled combatants, possess some unique abilities and skills Hotheaded Soph is better at close quarter combat, using a hatchet as a melee weapon. Jess, the calmer and more collected of the duo, specializes in firearms. The twins can use special skills called PEP, to grant temporary perks to each other – Soph can provide Jess with additional armor, and Jess can give Soph more health.

Story and characters

It’s been twenty years since B.J. Blazkowicz started a successful uprising against the Nazis in the United States, which resulted in the death of Frau Engel and started a revolution that quickly engulfed the American territories. But while the US fights back, Europe is still under Nazi Germany rule. Blazkowicz travels to occupied France to aid the local resistance but soon disappears. His daughters, Jessie and Sophia, talented yet still inexperienced Nazi-killers, set out on a mission to find their father and prove their worth.

Key features

  • The war against the Nazis continues! The United States might be on their way to liberty, but Europe still trembles in fear. Time to do something about it.
  • Enter the Terror Twins. Jess and Soph Blazkowicz, daughters of Nazi-killer legend B.J. Blazkowicz, carry on in their father’s footsteps.
  • Bienvenue a Paris, 1980! The sisters arrive in the Vichy Paris in search of their father and become part of the underground French Resistance.
  • Wolves hunt together! Join a friend in a co-op multiplayer mode and send Nazis to hell using all sorts of deadly tools.
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