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Battle Isle Platinium is pure strategy combined with a compelling backstory.
Consisting of the first four installments of the series, it offers the opportunity to play and experience a huge chunk of Battle Isle history, from the very beginnings on up to the events on Scayra, the colonial planet of Chromos – a planet so distant and yet so similar to Earth. The history of the Kais and the Drulls is one comprised of only a few Chromian centuries, but centuries with one war following the other, with destruction and upheaval determining the development of Chromian society.

Key features:

  • Battle Isle 1 including Data Disk 1 & Battle Isle ‘93 & Historyline: 1914-1918
  • Battle Isle 2 including Scenery CD “Titan’s Legacy” 
  • Battle Isle 3 along with extensive video sequences 
  • Incubation and The Wilderness Missions,
  • Six great turn-based games in the same sci-fi universe, offering weeks of challenging gameplay!
  • Units gain experience as you progress through the game, adding a new layer of strategic decisions.
  • This pack includes Incubation, which takes the war from strategic to tactical level, adding more variety to the game experience.
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