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Stronghold Crusader HD is a renewed edition of a well-known real-time strategy game released in 2002 by the FireFly studio. The re-edition has been enhanced with higher resolution, and it allows players to freely zoom in and out the isomeric view of the camera. In the game, there are four different campaigns related to the first, the second and the third crusades, with more than 100 battles such as the siege of Heraklion, Nicea, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Krak des Chevaliers. Besides, the new edition of the game has introduced new military units like mounted bowmen, Teutonic knights, grenadiers and fire siege machines.

Gameplay Mechanics

Just like in any other RTS game, in Stronghold Crusader, the player’s main task is to manage the army, not forgetting about the economic aspects of the game. It is the player’s responsibility to take care of food supplies, needed tools, and weaponry for the soldiers. 

The developers from FireFly Studio have prepared a couple of custom scenarios (in addition to the main campaign), focusing on economic development and/or sieges of hostile strongholds. While preparing a siege, we can join defenders or attackers. Depending on the decision, players will have access to different equipment and tools and weapons. Logically, the attackers will have at their disposal rams, ladders and other siege machines, while the defender will be able to improve their defenses with dug pits for example. 

In the game, besides regular soldiers, there are many different units like archers, cavalry and assassins. During the battles there can up to 10 thousand troops fighting at the same time. Those who prefer playing with others will also find something for them as the developers have prepared special multiplayer scenarios designed for up to 8 players.

General reception 

According to Steam’s statistic over 95% of users’ reviews on Stronghold Crusader HD are positive – keeping that in mind it is safe to say that the game was well-received by the gaming community. Unchanged gameplay and old mechanics once again have drawn a huge amount of fans who also greatly appreciated improved graphic design.

Key features

  • The exotic setting of the Holy Land – experience battles played during the Crusades and learn the story presented in four single-player campaigns.
  • HD Graphics - good old Stronghold Crusader game in new, fresh edition! Thanks to improvements implemented in the graphics engine, it is now possible to play huge battles with up to 10 thousand soldiers fighting at the same time!
  • Tactics are the key to victory – you won’t achieve much with just the blunt force of your men. Undertake wise, tactical decisions in order to always be victorious, sometimes even when outnumbered!
  • Diverse units – regular knights are not the only troops under your command. Control actions of stealthy assassins and give orders to swift mounted bowmen. Your men are just waiting for your word!
  • Full compatibility with new machines – full support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
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