Godly Corp Steam Key GLOBAL


Do you want to do something meaningful in your life? Do you desire more responsibility like responsibility for the fate of the multiverse hanging in the balance? You might want to consider a career with Godly Corp, an upcoming over-the-top simulator with a focus on woobly tentacle physics! Rest assured that every mistake will bring tremendous consequences, just as you wanted!

There also won't be time for you to burn out in this job as EVERY day is a completely new challenge. On Monday you will be fighting bug infestation, Tuesdays are usually the days when someone tries to rob us, Wednesday might be the casual day! If these assignments sound too easy to you then we guarantee that the more experienced you are the more interesting challenges you will get!

As you can see this is a dream job! Add Godly Corp to your Wishlist and sign up today for a better tomorrow!
Tentacle Mechanic
Every level is something completely different
Hilarious humor and presentation
Compete on the leaderboard to be the best employee
Multitasking hell
Twists at every corner
Hidden lore bits throughout the whole game

*No healthcare is provided to the employees of Godly Corp

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