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Zip on mechanised grappling hooks between building, trees, and towering deadly humanoid monsters and get the killing blow. Attack on Titan 2 is a video game adaptation of a popular manga and anime under the same title developed by Dynasty Warriors creators, Omega Force.Follow the story of a previously unknown soldier you get to create, see the events of both seasons from a new perspective and start killing those titans.

Fully customisable protagonist

Unlike the previous game, now you have the chance to use Attack on Titan 2's extremely robust appearance customisation options to create a perfect avatar to put in the thick of things. All options are lore friendly and consistent with the distinctive visual style of the source material.Test out the available options and sliders to recreate yourself, your favourite characters, or push the limits of your imagination and make someone never seen before.

Exhilarating combat of Attack on Titan 2

The thrilling, high-stakes titan-killing action that made the original manga and anime such a success is captured perfectly in Attack on Titan 2 gameplay, to let you relive your favourite sequences from the series.Use your vertical manoeuvring system to harass titans and avoid their strikes, chop off their limbs to create an opening good enough to let you land a killing strike on the titan's nape of the neck.

Beware, however, the titans now are more aggressive than they were in the first game, so you need to reassess your techniques.

Meet the characters you already know

Over the course of the story you get to interact with all the familiar fighters and officers that have endeared and infuriated you in the source material. Watch the scenes you already know as someone who has always stood just out of the frame at all of those instances.Converse with the likes of Eren Yaeger, Levi Ackerman, Armin Alert and many others in the command tent between missions, or during encounters as you fight for humanity's survival alongside them.

Cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes

Killing titans is an challenge best confronted with a squad of capable allies, and Attack on Titan 2 provides you with a chance to do so. Team up with your friends and chase the horrifying giants together. You can even have a competition: which of two four-soldier teams can get the highest titan killcount? Kill stealing and dirty tricks are allowed, so how about those smoke bombs?Will you play fair hoping others will too, or is survival too important to care about fair play? It's up to you.

Key features:

Attack on Titan 2 is a faithful and action-packed recreation of two seasons of the incredibly popular anime about people defending their city against massive humanoid monsters which almost brought the end of mankind.

Attack on Titan 2 features

  • Extensive character creation - create your own fighter using a character creator robust enough to make other games self-conscious
  • Exciting combat - use your manoeuvring gear to get in position to efficiently fight towering titans. Getting the nape of their neck is going to be harder this time around
  • Recaptured iconic aesthetics - everything looks and sounds just the way you would expect after seeing the anime or reading the manga
  • A different perspective - witness familiar events from the perspective of someone who has always been just out of frame
  • Competitive multiplayer - team up with three other fighters and have a little titan-killing competition against another team of four
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