DMarket Gift Card 100 USD - Key - GLOBAL


Many online games are in a f2p model, which means that the player does not need to pay for access to the game. However, they can pay for skins and other items which do not affect the gameplay but change the appearance of the characters or weapons.

With a dmarket gift card of 100$, the player will be able to redeem the currency in the virtual world and then buy, for example, game skins or other Virtual In-Game Items. After entering a code from the card, the player can purchase items for cs go, dota 2, and tf.

Treat for you or your friend

Unlocking new Virtual In-Game Items is thrilling for everyone, especially if you get the one you fancied. But what if you want to buy a gift for a friend of yours you like very much but have no idea what to buy them. The only thing you know, they are a gamer and that they enjoy new skins. You found yourself the perfect gift! They will be able to unlock whichever skin they want with access to a dmarket gift card.

Key Features

  • Unlock various in-game items, ranging from skins or cases for some of the most iconic games including CS:GO, Dota 2 or Team Fortress
  • Buy a gift card for yourself or your friend and grant yourself or them access to items with competitive prices
  • Bought items can always be sold or exchanged in the game or on the market for further profit. Additionally, you can sell or exchange those items on Dmarket.