Netflix Gift Card 70 BRL BRAZIL


Nowadays having unlimited access to your favorite TV shows and movies is something, that most people can't live without. With streaming services such as Netflix you can dive into constantly growing library of the best movies and TV shows. Buy this 70 BRL Netflix gift card as a replacement for your credit card. Free yourself from annoying ads, that pop off every single time when you want to watch your favorite movie, or give it to someone as a gift, and let them discover the biggest collection of movies and TV shows.

Find something that you enjoy

Netflix has such a rich library, that everyone will find something, that enjoys the most. There are plenty of genres that you discover: Horror, thriller, high-fantasy, comedy, and many, many more. Additionally, you can choose one of the three plans that awaits you – each one will allow you to add more devices and accounts, so even whole families can watch multiple different TV shows at the same time, on totally different devices. Whether you are in home or not, you will always be able to discover the vast library of movies and TV shows online. Do not hesitate, and purchase this 70 BRL gift card, to experience something, that you have never experienced before.

Key features

  • Use it as a replacement for your credit card, to cover your monthly bill
  • Give it to someone as a gift, and let them dive into great collection of even greater movies and TV shows
  • Many genres, so you can find something, that you enjoy the most
  • Watch on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or on your TV – that's up to you!
  • Three different plans – each with its own pros
  • Instant delivery

How to use Netflix gift card?

If you already have a gift card, you have to redeem the code online. Follow these easy steps, to make sure that everything is working perfectly:

  1. Go to
  2. Then enter the PIN code