CSGOLive 25 USD Key


CSGOLive is a very interesting online website which you can connect with your Steam account. Here you can purchase cases for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. There are official cases, as well as others, created by authors of the website. If you are not satisfied with them though, you can easily create your own case.

The price of it is going to depend on items which you decide to put inside. You might want to know how you can use the CSGOLive 25 USD Key code. Well, it is relatively simple. First you need to visit the CSGOLive.com website. Then click on the deposit menu. After that you have to select the gift you claimed at purchase and copy it. When you do that, you will be provided with $10 for your account.

You can use this money to buy your favorite Counter Strike: Global Offensive chests and cases. Who knows, maybe you are going to find your favorite skins. We wish you luck.

You probably would want to know what cases you can get from the CSGOLive for $25. Actually there is quite a lot of interesting cases. You can for example purchase case and try to get items like Fade Karambit, Fade Flip Knife or M4A4 Poseidon. These are really great skins. Hence, you should really consider investing. Who knows, maybe you are going to get the Karambit knife?